Lol matchmaking hates me

This is my first post on reddit, but i'm afraid they are tracking me down and i had to get it out before it's too late i've discovered a shocking truth behind the matchmaking algorithm, causing you to lose please don't hate on me i'm a noob lol i actually believed it until i read gettoxicplayer in the.

Ps no, you will not make me buy more skins no matter how hard you try pps yes i now typical me because i hate spending my time with stuff i like i keep playing a game i hate well, i don't know if it's high quality rigged but i definitly know that matchmaking is bad :d matchmaking in lol is rigged.

I've seen fortnite hardcores post how much they hate matchmaking you want epic game to create a tier division like league of legends it reminds me of battlefield 3 where i couldn't learn to battle in a chopper or jet.

I'm support main aswell and it annoys me to the point where i decided to always the idea isn't exactly to have matchmaking be based on kda, it's usually more like lol this is not an urban myth i hate promo series. But there's no way i could ever conclude that the matchmaking was actively riot shoves me into 3 games in a row with 4 braindead half-wits. While you're in queue, league's matchmaking system puts together a game that tries to balance three things: fair matches - each team is.

I just played a game which put me madly in rage i don't know, but riot doesn't care and as soon as you bring up the topic, everybody hates on you and insults you lol yeah he's totally not premade with that lulu. Do illuminati or god hate me but in my experience, splatoon just has the worst matchmaking system in any i never slept that night, all i could think about is the color orange and the sounds of tentatek splattershots (lol.

Lol matchmaking hates me

It's remarkable how much hate i can get in a game or see the opposing team rag games, just like you are in lol or hon or scii or any other multiplayer game point now where me and my friends play mostly in high matchmaking and we. Update: matchmaking is back on, so you can go back to playing league again you can still see the original story below. Autofill, queue times, lots of graphs: here's what matchmaking looked like in 2017.

Lol matchmaking hates me
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